A bit about me and more about food

Too keep it short I have to say that I’m not a fanatic. I love vegan food – and cook nothing else in my own kitchen – and I love the sustainable side of veganism. Really I see no reason to kill animals and eat meat these days where plant based diet is an opportunity everywhere. I just don’t believe that animals where put on this planet to feed humans.

But if my friends or family put meat on the table I eat it – with a smile. And I will not harass a poor waiter with a thousand alternations for my meal if a restaurant does not serve vegan food. That is just how it is for now.

But I look forward to a world where plant based diet is the norm and the choices are easy. I think it’s coming.



Who am I you say? Well I am a danish kid (so forgive my English mistakes) currently living in Brazil, where I follow a very bad ass performer around on tour. We just got engaged recently and the summer in Brazil is really getting into it, so I’m kinda silly happy at the moment. And filled with energy – hence this blog.

In Denmark I work as a behavioral designer and copywriter in a big financial institution. It’s a demanding job, so traveling in Brazil these months is just a breath of fresh air.

Because of a demanding job I need to keep most of my cooking easy and simple. And that will be the philosophy on this blog. Easy, simple and tasty vegan recipes for busy lives.


Vegan for health?

There is another reason why I eat plant based food. For years I have been struggling with a weird skin condition. I would get hives on my body – and it got worse over the years. In the end I ate antihistamin every day to keep the hives from popping up during the day.

Doctors tested me and I did not seem to have any food allergies – just a little grass allergy that should not exist in that degree during the winter.

My dad who is a doctor suggested that I tried a periode without dairy products because I was a little allergic as a child. That helped a little. I investigated the dairy thing further and ended up watching almost every documentary ever made about plant based diet and vegan food.

And so I tried a 21 day vegan cleanse. That worked. My skin got better, I slept better, had more energy and felt happier in general. I have sticked to vegan meals ever since. But I have slipped a little recently (primarily because I LOVE cheese… nothing better than cheese and red wine and bread right?). And in the beginning in Brazil I couldn’t find any vegan ingredients.

So when I heard about the Challenge22 I thought lets do it and make the commitment again. Loving it already despite the struggles of being on the road and understanding nada in Brazilian supermarkets. I’ll keep writing about the journey and share my favorite vegan recipes.

Actually im munching on my comfy banana bread while writing. If you have 15 minutes try it out – and eat it with a little peanut butter. It’s healthy, glutenfree and absolutely worth it.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a couple of minutes! Talk soon.

Love, Nikoline

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