#Challenge22 – Day 3 + 4 (The near death and zombie edition)

The near death experience had nothing to do with food. But it was catchy right? No, we just had an experience with a night blind driver, speeding like crazy, driving opposite traffic and parking in the middle of the high way. Not good for blood pressure!

Actually I just wanted to share something about January 1sth. Because what is there really to talk about that day? I feel like January 1sth was made for zombies. And Brazil could have staged a scene from The Walking Dead. Streets empty, supermarket and restaurants closed.

Luckily I shopped in the weekend, so when we arrived home from the airport we munched on some quinoa pasta – and fell a sleep.

My fourth day as a full on vegan went smooth as a baby’s but. When the refrigerator is filled up over the weekend and the meals are planned it’s easy man. And the food just makes you feel so good. Really enjoying this now and not missing dairy or meat at all when I can feel what it does to my body and my digestion. No bloated stomach, no hives. Lets keep this ball rolling. πŸ™‚


The Challenges Day 3 + 4

Im doing the Challenge22 (being 100 percent vegan for 22 days) – and every day there is a new challenge. I like that – makes it fun. Maybe you wanna join me in this challenge. If so – stay tuned.

Challenge Day 3: Sandwich for the road

I was on the road again, but fortunately Subway exists in Brazil too. It’s probably not the healthiest, but for January 1sth it worked like a charm.

Generally I really enjoy bread – and a good sandwich filled with fresh veggies and a little mustard or pesto is a good vegan alternative… when craving a big fat pizza or worse. πŸ™‚

Challenge Day 4: Tofu

Tofu was a challenge. Actually a challenge I did not meet. I went to 4 different supermarkets and health stores. And I can’t find it. If any Brazilians are reading this – please tell me where I can buy tofu.

I have this recipe I would love to try with tofu (silken tofu). I read that it is possible to make a killer sour creme with it. And it is the one thing I think my chili sin carne is missing. So I will keep searching. And bring a little from home the next time I travel.


Hope you guys had a great New Years celebration with friends and family. I had an awesome one – and we vegan danced ’till the sun came up (hence the photo). Lets go kick this new year in the but.

Love, Nikoline

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