#Challenge22 – Day 5 + 6 (The ugly smoothie edition)

These last couple of days the vegan routine really kicked in and I’m turning in to a giant food shopaholic. I have a hard time walking past a supermarket without at least peeping inside. My bank must think I either bought a restaurant… or a horse.

It paid off the other day were I found vegan heaven in a small organic shop. And finally bought some much needed and overpriced nutritional yeast. Not to forget vegan mayo (I heart mayo very much).

Thinking about writing a post with essential ingredients for vegans. I’ll get back to that – but for now lets talk about the ugly smoothie.


The Challenges Day 5 + 6

Im doing the Challenge22 (being 100 percent vegan for 22 days) – and every day there is a new challenge. I like that – makes it fun. Maybe you wanna join me in this challenge. If so – stay tuned.

Challenge Day 5: Non-dairy milk

First of all. Taking pictures of food is hard! Gigantic shout out to all you creative and brilliant food photographers.

For my non-dairy milk challenge the other day I made one of my favorite smoothies with papaya, banana, frozen berries, ginger and almond milk. It looked so yellow and yummy and I thought – perfect photo opportunity…. One hour, two thousand photos and one red face later… It just looked like someone threw up in a glass after eating too much banana!

Guess I need a little more practice. Comforted myself with some sweet potato pancakes made with soy milk. Challenge double done.


Challenge Day 6: Lentils

We went on a road trip for a beach day here in sunny Brazil – and what more perfect for the beach than a homemade fresh salad. Mixed greens with a ton of green lentils is tasty and filled with good proteins.

It’s important that I not only eat veggies. I need the grains and the beans at every meal. Keeps my energy high.


Now ready for the weekend, another show and another day on the road. This time more prepared with homemade vegan sandwiches and a bag filled with raw bars. Hope you have a great one!

Love, Nikoline


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