#Challenge22 – Day 7 + 8 (First week done)

The first week eating only plant based food is done. And honestly I don’t miss meat at all. I miss cheese. But yesterday I found some vegan cheese – definitely trying that tonight with a glass of red wine.

I have been traveling every weekend for shows – and that has been a bit of a challenge. This weekend we drove instead of flying and prepared a giant bag of vegan food – sandwiches with beans, vegan bars, nuts etc.

Unfortunately I had one of those days where I just could’nt stop eating. I was so hungry. Ate my own sandwich first – then Sarah’s after and a bag of tortilla chips. I never think about how much I eat. If I have a day where I’m really hungry I believe my body needs it. And I try to eat a lot – but healthy, so I get the nutrition my body is screaming for.

Maybe the whole vegan transition is making my body adjust and find a good balance. But it feels great – and I’m so happy to get back into the lifestyle.

But because I ate everything I could get my hands on – we had to order food again at the hotel. Not much better than the other times. I ordered a vegetable soup… got some blended lentils with beaf… All righty then… 🙂


The Challenges Day 7 + 8

Im doing the Challenge22 (being 100 percent vegan for 22 days) – and every day there is a new challenge. I like that – makes it fun. Maybe you wanna join me in this challenge. If so – stay tuned.

Challenge Day 7: Family dinner

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

So the challenge day 7 was making a family dinner. Fortunately the people I live with are all on the vegan wagon, so it’s easy to convince them of eating my cooking. For this family dinner I prepared crispy baked falafels. They tasted awesome – much better than the ones you buy for sure!

Challenge Day 8: Breakfast

My fiancé is half Danish and half Egyptian – so we made a classic Egyptian breakfast together – without the cheese and meat. Basically it’s all about the spices and we made a tasty tomato salad with lots of cilantro and beans with green pepper, garlic, onions etc. Fills you up with superpowers for a busy day.

I lost a (stupid) bet to my friends this weekend – so this week I promised to make my mom’s famous carrot cake (it is to die for). But I will try to make it vegan – without eggs. Let’s see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.


Love, Nikoline

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