#Challenge22 – Day 9 + 10 (A fishy mood)

I have been in a fishy mood these last couple of days. This place swims in fresh fish – the locals actually meet the fishermen on the beach in the morning – screaming at each other to get the best catch for a good price. It’s priceless entertainment… and a reminder that I can get some of the best fish right here. But I can’t. And I don’t want to. But I do…

Oh well. Went home and made the greasiest and most satisfying guilty pleasure I could think of – the fried onion stuffed with guacamole. That cured me for now. šŸ™‚


The Challenges Day 9 + 10

Im doing the Challenge22 (being 100 percent vegan for 22 days) – and every day there is a new challenge. I like that – makes it fun. Maybe you wanna join me in this challenge. If so – stay tuned.

Challenge Day 9: One pot meal

For me some of the best food in the world is thai food. I could eat red, yellow, green curry every single day. And it is easy to convert to vegan. So for the one pot meal challenge I made a one pot phad thai. Easy to make and always tasty. Try the recipe here.


Challenge Day 10: Goodbye eggs

One of the best vegan tips I have gotten is how to make vegan eggs. 1 egg is just 1 tablespoon flax seed + 2 tablespoon water. Works every time!

Sarah can’t stop talking about my sweet potato pancakes, so I made them again for this challenge. This time we sprinkled berries and a little lemon juice on top. Yum.


Love, Nikoline

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