#Challenge22 – Day 17 + 18 + 19 (A tasty tomato disaster)

I have never tried blending a soup before. Blending a hot soup apparently does not sit well with a Brazilian blender (thought they liked it hot?). Well, turned out to be a hot tomato mess in my kitchen.

I experimented with a vegan tomato soup recipe that turned out amazing, but I needed to blend the cherry tomatoes and chickpeas for a creamy consistency. Lesson learned: Wait until the soup is medium temperature – unless you want the bottom to fall out of your blender. Wups.

Anyway, the journey of Challenge22 is coming to an end – almost at the finish line. But I honestly feel like the journey has just begun. This vegan life is fun.. and tasty.. and meaningful! It makes sense to me in so many ways. The health, the environment, the animals etc. So let’s just keep on moving.


The Challenges day 17 + 18 + 19

Im doing the Challenge22 (being 100 percent vegan for 22 days) – and every day there is a new challenge. I like that – makes it fun. Maybe you wanna join me in this challenge. If so – stay tuned.


Challenge Day 17: Salad

We went to Florianopolis (the area with hundreds of beautiful beaches) for a meeting – so I sat at our favorite organic coffee place all day and worked. At first I tried coffee with cashew milk – yirdk! Did not like that thick mass attacking my mouth. Soy milk was better.

Luckily they had a buffet (Brazilians love buffets!) with vegan salad options. Easy score.


Challenge Day 18: Join a vegan network

This challenge was about joining relevant networks and following interesting pages. I already follow hundreds of inspirational vegans (will write about some of them soon) – but I am not in a network. So I searched Facebook for vegan networks and found a really cool one in Denmark where people share recipes and tips on where to buy stuff. Love it!

Great way to expand your horizon.


Challenge Day 19: Legumes

I pretty much love all legumes – beans, peas etc. And I use them every day. So I wanted to challenge my regular way of using them. Got a tip that chickpeas taste great in a tomato soup and the rest is history. Really did though (ended up eating from the bottom of my blender).

But, I’m a stubborn donkey (as my fiancé would say) so I tried again and succeeded (in not splashing tomato soup all over the kitchen floor).


The next couple of days I will enjoy the last part of my Challenge22 – and prepare for vegan life on the other side. 🙂

Love, Nikoline

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