#Challenge22 is done! Lessons learned and a list of my favorite recipes so far

Today is a good day. I’m celebrating finishing Challenge22 – eating vegan for 22 days. Yay! It has been an amazing journey (like the last time) – but this time I’m never going back. Once again, my skin problems (a weird allergy to something still unknown) has disappeared and I no longer take antihistamine every day. It is clear that the inflammation in my body is gone (or reduced at least).

It still amazes me how a plant based diet can be so good for your body, your sleep, your skin, your digestion, your energy and your spirit. And the joy of cooking colorful healthy meals every day is just endless. So, I’ll keep going. And I will keep sharing my favorite plant based recipes and my journey with every struggle, tip and hacks I find helpful for this beautiful community.

Lessons learned and a list that will get you started

As I mentioned before I travel every weekend and basically picked the worst time ever to do this challenge. And it has not all been easy.

Not understanding a word in supermarkets (the words I now understand the best in Portuguese are vegan ingredients from endless googling), not being able to eat anything but fries in hotels and restaurants and the cravings. Oh the cravings… I never thought about how much everything smells like cheese in this world! Airports, restaurants, streets with restaurants – even the beach!

But I found some vegan and homemade solutions for cheese – and I will surely eat a little fish, dairy and pastry once in a while going out. But my own kitchen is plant based from now on. And everything on this blog will be plant based too.

Maybe you are up for doing the challenge too or just want to bring more plants into your kitchen – so here is a list of the journey including all the challenges and recipes I shared so far. You are welcome to write me anytime for questions or support. I learned so much – and my family don’t call me GoogleLine for nothing.

Favorite plant based recipes of my Challenge22

Follow my Instagram @mylittlevegancrush for more easy recipes that are just too simple too put on the blog. 🙂

Challenge22 – the journey

Challenge Day 20: Host a meal

One of the things I love about cooking is the social aspect – how food gathers people around a table for a good talk. In my family we have done this always. No phones, no TV – nothing but food and an opportunity to get into whatever is on your mind.

So really, we try to make an effort to host meals everyday in a way. Make every mealtime special if possible. Eating with loved ones is definitely one of my favorite times a day.

Challenge Day 21: Veggie Burger

Oooooh I did this one already. 🙂 A good friend cooked me a black bean burger this week though that I have to try making the next time. That was awesome.

Challenge Day 22: The finish line

YEEAAAAH! But just the beginning though!


Thank you for spending a moment in time with me. If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to turn plant based send me an email. I love to experiment with recipes!

This week I will try to make a vegan lasagna that tastes awesome (that is the goal at least). Hopefully it will not turn out like my tomato soup kitchen disaster. Wish me luck.

Love, Nikoline

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