My Little Vegan New York (a city guide for plant lovers)

New York. Aaaah. There is just something about that city right? It’s progressive, but still feels old. It is modern, but with a touch of history on every street corner.

I love walking the streets – just observing, looking. But my favorite thing is walking towards a goal… food to be exact. I spend hours and hours researching vegan restaurants, delis, markets and cafés before traveling – and let me just tell you. I ate a lot on this trip. A. Lot.

But not nearly enough. Did not even get through half the list I wrote from home… Why am I not a big man with a huge stomach who can eat 10 times a day? Hugh sigh…

Anywho – I won’t let the list go to sleep on my computer. Maybe you guys can find some inspiration in it – or give some feedback on the places mentioned.

So here you go. A guide to the top places where I ate incredible vegan food in New York – plus the potentially yummy food I missed out on. The spots are located in Manhatten and in Brooklyn. I did a thorough research and the leg work – so these should be some of the best choices with (mainly) all vegan menus.

By the way – thank you so much to all you foodies who guided me towards some of the restaurants on Instagram. I tried them and loved every bite!

For a vegan, New York is heaven.


Orchard Grocer (incredible sandwiches and vegan products)

Orchard Grocer: 78 Orchard St, New York

IMG_0538 2

To be honest – I doubted that I would ever taste anything that would compare to real chicken, fish or meat. So I was beyond impressed, surprised and drooling over their sandwiches. Tried both ham and cheese (wow) and their crispy shrimp. Yum!

It is a deli perfect for lunch on the go. We walked across the Williamsburg bridge afterwards and hung out in the vintage jungle.

Also stop by for vegan products like parmesan cheese, meat substitutes etc.


Urban Vegan Kitchen (comfort food)

Urban Vegan Kitchen: 41 Carmine St, New York 

Urban Vegan Kitchen
Urban Vegan Kitchen – vegan comfort food New York

I love fried chicken! And I miss it. So I had to try their “chicken” dishes made with seitan. It was great comfort food with lots of different stuff on the menu like chick-un & waffles, no tuna tacos, crispy garlic broccolini and mac n’cheese.

The surroundings are perfect for a nice weekend brunch or lunch with good friends.


Red Bamboo (comfort food)

Red Bamboo: 140 W 4th St, New York

Another comfort food place with good recommendations is Red Bamboo. Looking at their menu it looks like a place to visit with vegan options like cheese steak, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, pancakes, spring rolls etc. A little something for almost every craving you could have.


Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi: Several locations – I tried the one on 215 Mulberry St, New York (very kind service here)

Beyond Sushi
Beyond Sushi – vegan sushi New York

Sushi is such a classic – and I don’t want to live without it. The vegan sushi I have tried before was often just rice with a piece of avocado slapped on top. Boring.

But this chain of vegan sushi in New York is creative, tasteful, loyal to the sushi flavors you know and located several places in Manhattan. Try their dumplings – I’m drooling just thinking about them.


Peacefood café

Peacefood café: 460 Amsterdam Ave, New York or 41 E 11th st, New York

This cantina is good for larger groups or just a quick lunch/dinner after work. Also a great place to bring non-vegans – they will not be able to taste the difference between a regular pasta or lasagna and their vegan substitutes.

And they serve cheese cake. 🙂


Avocado Appétit (avocado fries..hello..)

Avocado Appétit: 114 Eldridge St, New York

This place looked soooo good. I really wanted to try their avocado fries! But… it was filled with people and the queue was long. 30 minutes wait during lunch hours. Too much.

But I will return with (hungry) another time.



By CHLOE: Several locations – I tried 185 Bleecker St, New York

Yummy and healthy salads, burgers, juices and sweets. All around great quality.


JaJaJa (Mexican love)

JaJaJa: 162 E Broadway, New York

JaJaJa New York
JaJaJa – vegan Mexican food New York

Such a cute, stylish café with maybe the best guacamole I have ever tasted. Their food is colorful and made with love. You get plenty of it and a buzz from their tasty Bloody Marys or Margaritas.


Bar Verde (high end Mexican)

Bar Verde: 65 2nd Ave, New York

This place seemed a bit more high end. Date night worthy with great recommendations and creative Mexican choices on the menu like smoked potato croquette, ceviche, wild mushroom tamale, mango cheese cake etc.


Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy: 86 Allen St, New York

White, clean decorations. Simple, surprising, tasteful menu – possible to get 9-10 courses changing with the season and the vegetables available that day.


Ladybird (date night)

Ladybird: 111 East 7th St, New York

Ladybird – perfect date night in New York. Photo credit: Ladybird

The. Best. Meal. I. Have. Ever. Had. So simple. Just go there. So creative. Sooo tasty. Experimental. Romantic. Healthy but rich in flavors. Great wine (also by the glass) and beautiful decor.

We went there on a Friday followed by Comedy Cellar close by… where we almost died laughing. Awesome New York memories.


Avant Garden (date night)

Avant Garden: 130 E 7th St, New York

I regret not making it to this restaurant. Should be a place in the same class as Lady Bird – which I enjoyed tremendously. The menu gives you choices like Risotto, Miso soup, King Oyster and Potato Cannelloni. Definitely having a date night here next time.


Nix (fancy lunch)

Nix: 72 University Pl, New York

Simple, healthy menu with focus on making vegetables shine in a cosy café atmosphere.


Franchia vegan café

Franchia vegan café: 12 Park Ave, New York

Do you like Asian food? Like noodles, dumplings and curry? This is the place to go. All your favorites in vegan variations.


Superiority Burger (best burger ever)

Superiority Burger: 430 E 9th St, New York

Vegan burger New York
Superiority Burger, New York

No comparison. Simply the best burger (not just vegan burger) ever. And their crispy potatoes with warm cashew cheese is a must.

It is a very small place – not always possible to sit down, but then bring your food with you and enjoy it in a park nearby.


Next Level Burger 

Next Level Burger: 292 Ashland Place, Brooklyn

I heard about this place on several different occasions. I didn’t get to that part of Brooklyn this time, but great options for vegan comfort food outside Manhattan.



Blossom: 187 9th Ave or 507 Columbus, New York

Refined vegan options as they call it that I can’t wait to taste – like wild mushroom ravioli with truffle-butter sauce, cauliflower steak, crispy artichokes or seitan piccata.


Bar Velo (live jazz)

Bar Velo: 394 Broadway, Brooklyn

Combine your night out with delicious vegan food and live music in a raw industrial space. Great drinks too!


VSPOT Organic

VSPOT Organic: 12 St Marks Pl, New York or 156 5th Ave, Brooklyn

Tapas, avocado fries, quesadillas, wraps, ensaladas y mucho mas. Si, si, si!


Vinnie’s pizzaria

Vinnie’s pizzaria: 148 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Vegan pizza New York
Vinnie’s Pizzaria, Williamsburg

This small and cute pizzaria in Williamsburg is perfect for a quick snack on your shopping break. I love all the vintage stores in this area.


Xyst (Mediterranean delight)

Xyst: 44 West 17th St, New York

We were too late for lunch hours this time around – but I got a sneak peak and I liked it! Their menu is classic Mediterranean food made vegan in dark and sexy surroundings.


Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste: 833 Lexington Ave or 127 Grand Street, New York 

I love a menu where you get as many dessert choices as main courses! Next time I’m gonna try their spicy chili sin carne, chocolate chia mud and key lime pie.


Delice & Sarrasin (homemade French food)

Delice & Sarrasin: 20 Christopher St, New York

Is it even possible to transform French food into vegan options? This cute place is on a mission – and the reviews are great. If you are in the mood for crepes – this is the spot!


P.S. Kitchen (donates profit to charity)

P.S. Kitchen: 246 W 48th St, New York

Cute, intimate, cosy vibe with unique cocktails and mouth watering beyond-meat burgers. And they donate all profit to charity. I’m a fan.


The Plaza Food Hall (Upper East side savior)

The Plaza Food Hall: 1 W 59th St, New York

The Plaza Food Court

I wanted to bring some nice food to Central Park. But The Upper East Side does not seem to float in vegan choices if you are not in the mood for a simple salad. To the rescue came  the food hall under The Plaza which had some options – avocado toast for example.

Buuut….. I ended up just buying cup cakes… Probably not vegan… I try to keep my diet as vegan as possible, but I am not vegan to the bone (yet). I still get tempted especially by cakes and sweets where I don’t actually know the ingredients. I’m okay with that for now.


The Little Beet (salads on the run)

The Little Beet: Several locations in Manhatten 

If you are in the mood for a good salad and a healthy juice though find The Little Beet. Many yummy options.


Double Zero (plant based pizza date night)

Double Zero: 65 2nd Ave, New York

Aaaah Italien date night with the best plant based pizza you can find, nice wines and tiramisu. Need I describe it more?


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Ven Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream: Several locations in Manhattan and one in Williamsburg

Bury yourself in mint chip, salted caramel, peanut butter choc chip, dark chocolate and other vegan nice cream flavors. This is a must.


The Hummus & Pita co. 

The Hummus & Pita co.: 585 6th Ave, New York

The Hummus & Pita co.
The Hummus & Pita co. – best falafels in New York

Nice fast food spot in a great shopping district where I found the best hummus and crispy falafels in New York (so far). Perfect for a quick meal on the run.


Matcha n’More

Matcha n’More: 177 Hester St, New York

Matcha is healthy, hip and everywhere at the moment. I like the taste in everything from tea to cheese cake. Try Matcha n’More for different options – ice cream, tea and more.


Erin McKenna’s Bakery (for the sweet tooth)

Erin McKenna’s Bakery: 248 Broome St, New York

This is a glutenfree, vegan bakery where your eyes will do the shopping. Try the donuts – it is worth the calories!


The Butcher’s Daughter (weekend brunch)

The Butcher’s Daughter: 581 Hudson St or 19 Kenmare St, New York

Try this vegetable slaughterhouse on weekends where the sun is out. Plenty of outside tables in the cutest neighborhood. Choices for both your vegan and non-vegan friends and family.


So this is my top recommendations, but I probably forgot many more in this city of opportunity. Write your suggestions in the comments – or feedback on the food. I will keep adding the top vegan choices in New York.

If you are not living in or going to New York in the near future I can recommend taking a look at the menus or their Instagram profiles for inspiration. I know I will try to make some of my favorites in the comfort of my own kitchen.


Love, Nikoline








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