About me and this blog

Hi! How are you? I like to eat plants…

Now how’s that for an introduction. Well I like other stuff too – but since you’re here I want to welcome you to an attempt of sharing my great love for vegan food.

For years I have collected, tried and tasted incredible plant based recipes. Its time to share. I kicked this blog off with a Challenge22 (read about that here) and I can’t imagine going back now. So I will keep sharing my vegan recipes and all the tips and hacks I gather along the way.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I get to travel the world through work – so I will also share the best spots and cuisines I come across.

Stay with me and follow the journey – and get great vegan inspiration from around the world. I promise to share loads of yummy stuff.

Thanks for the visit. See you soon.

Love, Nikoline (@mylittlevegancrush on Instagram)